Boost Your Email Productivity with EmailAI’s New Bulk Operation Feature!

FinalScout Team
2 min readMar 17, 2023

🎉 We’re thrilled to announce the release of EmailAI’s bulk operation feature! 📨 FinalScout users can now generate personalized email drafts in bulk, saving time and effort when reaching out to multiple contacts. 🤖💼

EmailAI’s advanced AI technology powered by OpenAI, the same technology used in ChatGPT, generates tailored emails based on recipient LinkedIn profiles. 🧑‍💼📊 With the bulk operation feature, FinalScout users can now write personalized emails to multiple contacts at once, streamlining their outreach efforts. 🚀

Using the bulk operation feature is simple. 😃 Users can access it by going to their FinalScout dashboard and selecting Contacts from the left-hand menu. From there, they can click on Actions in the top right corner of the page, and from the drop-down menu, select Write emails in bulk using EmailAI. 🤖📝

The user will be prompted to enter the details of their task, including a task name, a template to be used, and the list of contacts to be emailed. Once these details are entered, the user can click the Start now button to initiate the bulk operation. 📋✅

EmailAI will begin to create email drafts for the selected contacts, and the progress of the operation can be tracked on the EmailAI page. Once the draft is complete, the user can view the contacts that have email drafts ready and open the draft instantly by clicking the EmailAI icon next to the contact’s email address. 📨👀

The bulk operation feature is a powerful tool that can help FinalScout users increase their email productivity and streamline their outreach efforts. With the ability to write personalized emails to multiple contacts at once, users can save time and effort while still maintaining the personal touch that makes their emails effective. 💪👥

FinalScout is dedicated to providing the best email finding and outreach tools to help users connect with potential customers or clients like never before. 🌟 The bulk operation feature is just one of the many ways that FinalScout is helping users scale their outreach efforts and achieve their business goals. 💼🎯

Try the bulk operation feature today and see how it can help you increase your email productivity and streamline your outreach efforts. 📈📨



FinalScout Team

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