FinalScout Update v1.1.3: EmailAI Bulk Operation and Background Tasks Now Available, with Green Dot for Sent Emails!

FinalScout Team
2 min readMar 17, 2023

We’re thrilled to announce the release of FinalScout version 1.1.3, which brings exciting new features and improvements to our platform. πŸŽ‰

With these updates, it’s now even easier to find and reach out to potential customers or clients. Here are the key changes in FinalScout v1.1.3:

EmailAI Bulk Operation πŸ‘₯πŸ’¬πŸš€ β€” FinalScout users can now generate personalized email drafts in bulk for multiple contacts, saving time and streamlining outreach efforts.

Background Tasks πŸ“ˆπŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»πŸ“Š β€” EmailAI tasks can now be sent to the background when using them in the dashboard, allowing users to continue working on other tasks without waiting.

Send EmailAI to background
View all EmailAI tasks sent to background

Green Dot for Sent Emails πŸŸ’πŸ“§βœ… β€” A green dot has been added to the Send Now button on the EmailAI page to indicate when an email has already been sent to a contact, preventing repetitive sending.

These updates reflect our ongoing commitment to providing the best email finding and outreach tools to our users. We’re confident that these new features will help our users achieve their business goals and connect with potential customers or clients like never before. πŸ™Œ

Thank you for your continued support and feedback, and we look forward to bringing you even more exciting updates in the future! πŸ’»πŸ“ˆπŸ“¨

Looking to take your outreach efforts to the next level? Try FinalScout today! Our platform can extract valid email addresses from LinkedIn and write personalized emails in just one click. With features like scraping emails from LinkedIn search, LinkedIn group members, and LinkedIn event attendees, FinalScout makes it easy to scale your outreach efforts and connect with potential customers or clients. And now, with the new EmailAI bulk operation feature, you can generate personalized email drafts in bulk for multiple contacts, streamlining your outreach efforts and saving you time. Sign up for FinalScout at and try it for free today! πŸš€πŸ“¨πŸ‘€



FinalScout Team

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